Excursion around Lamu Island by boat

Lamu Island is the island facing the Majlis hotel. Depending on weather, the trip around Lamu Island can be arranged clock wise from the open sea or by following the channel between the mainland and Lamu Island. The boat will stop on the beach of Kizingo point. On the way back, there is an option to visit the Matondoni or Kipungani villages. The trip is typically organized by speed boat but our dhow sailing boat can also be used. This is a half day trip and can take up to 3-4 hours. The Majlis will provide for a speed boat with captain and drinks. A barbeque lunch can also be arranged at your request.

Excursion around Manda Island by boat

This is a half day trip on the other side of the island with stop-over in Manda Toto, a small island made up of sand off Manda Island. Access to the other side of Manda Island is possible by navigating into a narrow mangrove channel on the west coast of the island. The excursion can be organized with a speed boat or by dhow. This is a half day trip and can take 3-4 hours depending on the stops. The Majlis will provide for a speed boat with captain and drinks. A barbeque lunch can also be arranged at your request.

Excursion to Kiwayu Island by boat

Kiwayu is a small island in the north eastern part of the Lamu Archipelago, situated in the Kiunga Marine National Reserve. The main attraction on Kiwayu is the tidal pools and snorkeling/diving pools located on the eastern side of the island . We can organize a boat trip to the island with picnic lunch. This is a full day trip and it takes about 1 hour & 1/2 one way by boat. Fishing can also be organized on the way to Kiwayu.

Game drive safari to Lake Kenyatta
The Majlis is ideally located to offer you the best of Kenya’s beach & bush without having to commute too far during your holidays. Across from Lamu Island, on the mainland, lies Lake Kenyatta, an area of pristine indigenous bush, rich in wildlife, including zebra, topi, hippo, waterbuck, buffalo, warthog, elephant and other seasonal game. The Majlis offers a half day safari with a guide from Kenya’s Wildlife Service. Depending on the tide level, it is possible to organize the trip in the early morning or late afternoon. Departure is from the hotel by boat to reach Kenya’s mainland (15-30 minutes depending on the tide level) and then by Jeep (15-40 minutes) to reach Lake Kenyatta and the wildlife area. This trip is for maximum 4 persons and requires 24 hours notice.

Excursion to Tana River delta by boat

The Tana River starts its long journey on the slopes of Mt Kenya and meets the Indian Ocean just south of Lamu in a magnificent River Delta, teeming with birdlife and game. Considered to be one of Kenya’s great coastal wilderness, it is a wildlife refuge and a particularly important site for thousands of breeding birds. The river boasts more than 40 recorded fish species and this rich environment is a haven for elephant, lion, buffalo, crocodile and over 800 hippos. The Majlis offers a fantastic day trip to into the Delta, by boat from the hotel to the River (1 hour & ½ one way) and includes fishing on the estuary, fascinating bird and animal watching with a qualified guide and a visit to the historical Town of Kipini. The trip is for maximum 4 people. This excursion can also be organized by private plane (10 minutes from Lamu’s airport) and it is possible also to book an overnight stay at a small lodge located on the Tana River delta.


Deep-sea fishing
Deep sea fishing in the Lamu archipelago waters is famous worldwide both for its variety and for the quantity of sport fish caught, including Marlin (striped, black and blue), Sailfish, Tuna, Dorado, Wahoo, Barracuda, Giant Trevally and Kingfish. The best fishing season is from October through to April and is a wonderful way to spend either a half or full day out on the Indian Ocean. Deep-sea fishing requires 24 hours notice.

Reef and river-creek and fishing

Reef and river-creek fishing in the mangrove channels can be done with traditional hand lines. Our boat captain will bring you to the best spots in the area. This is a half day activity.


The Majlis offers a full range of water sports. The calm waters off the Ras Kitau bay and the Takwa mangrove creek behind the hotel are ideal for water-skiing, wake-boarding and doughnut rides. The Majlis has two speed boats specifically dedicated for these activities.

Waterskiing & wakeboarding
Depending on the tide level and wind direction, waterskiing is possible in the Ras Kitau bay or in the mangrove channel (Takwa creek) which is just 5 minutes away. We have a range of water-skis and wakeboards both for adults and children.

Windsurfing & Kite-surfing

Windsurfing & kite-surfing is possible on the seafront of the hotel in the Ras Kitau bay. Our captains are available to set-up the equipment and will be on duty to help our guests. We also offer windsurfing and kite-surfing lessons with a professional instructor.

Sailing with lasers in the Ras Kitau bay

The Majlis has on offer two sailing boats of type laser which can be used all day long in front of the hotel. Maximum capacity for each laser is 3 people. If needed, our captains can provide for sailing lessons for beginners.

Sailing with the dhow

Sailing is organized on our Mozambique-styled dhow which can carry up to 8 people. A captain is required to sail this boat. Sailing can be done in the bay, but also in the mangrove channels, or around Lamu & Manda islands. We can also organize a half day trip with a picnic lunch or sailing in the late afternoon to enjoy the sunset while sipping a nice cocktail drink.

Snorkeling & Diving

The Lamu archipelago offers some of the finest snorkeling & diving in the Indian Ocean to explore untouched coral reefs and discover an astounding array of exotic marine wildlife. Daily excursions are organized on our motor boats to a destination of your choosing, including a picnic lunch on an isolated beach. Two of the most highly recommended sites are Kiniyka Island (30 minutes south-east of Lamu) and Manda Toto Island (40 minutes north of Manda Island).


The Majlis has on offer two wooden canoes and also a single and a double fiberglass kayak which can be used on the seafront of the hotel or in the mangrove creek. The mangrove is a fascinating place to explore and encounter many species of colorful birds and fish. If you wish to engage into an adventurous paddling tour, we recommend a tour at high tide from the seafront of the hotel to the pontoon in the mangroves or vice versa. Estimated time for this adventurous trip is 30-45 minutes.


The Majlis kite school

The Majlis kite school is located on Shela beach, one of the best spots in Kenya and considered among the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world. The school offers the latest kite equipment with an experienced teacher on duty all day long. Transfers from the hotel to the kite spot take about 5 minutes by boat and can be arranged at all times.

The spot is very wide and quiet, making learning easier and safer both for beginners and intermediate/advanced riders. The location has a sandy bottom with no corrals and, most importantly, there is good reliable wind all year long; over 70% of the year there are 12-20 knots. From July through End of September, the wind blows all day from early morning till sunset. From end of November until end of May, the wind picks-up from 11:00 am and keeps blowing till late afternoon.

We ride the latest 2014 North Kiteboarding equipment offering a variety of kite sizes and boards, including race boards. For those wishing to be more active, the Majlis watersport center offers also a choice of SUP, windsurfs, kayaks and wakeboards.
We offer courses available suited to all needs, whether you’re a complete novice and eager to try kite surfing for the first time, or an experienced rider looking to move your skills to an advanced level.

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