Kenya makes for one of the most inspirational safari honeymoon destinations in Africa, with the perfect cocktail of wildlife, adventure, cities and beaches. Start with the thrill of an adventurous wildlife safari, exploring the wild plains with your very own expert guide before relaxing at your lodge at sunset as wildlife drinks from the water hole just meters away from your balcony.

The home of the luxury safari since the early 1900’s, Kenya evokes the image of a colonial safari where men are truly men, and a woman’s every wish is to be attended to. Things have moved on, but the idea of porters and guides silently paving the way for guests to suffer no tiny hardship in the bush remains. Kenya really is excellent at setting the scene for luxury romance whilst on safari.

Why a Kenya Honeymoon?

Kenya has the whole honeymoon sewn up – excellent game-viewing and fab beaches. A romantic tented safari in the bush and a week with feet up on a deserted beach? Oh go on then…

Budget – because you don’t have to fly out of Kenya for a safari and beach honeymoon, you keep the costs down, not to mention the hassle of international airports.

Kenya beach life is more developed than much of Africa in terms of activities. For those honeymooners seeking to keep up the pretence that they’re sporty and active, there’s kite-surfing, kayaking, windsurfing, paddle-boarding, mountain biking, amongst others, and the usual world-class diving, snorkelling, big game fishing and sailing..

There’s pretty much no time difference from the UK - you can fly overnight and be on safari or on the beach by the morning - so you won’t waste time being jetlagged (our US and UAE guests like to start their trip off with a few days in London for this reason)

The Great Migration (1.5m wildebeest) makes it way to the Mara from July and is there until November – a great time to be in Kenya and helpfully the typical time that people get married. Witnessing this remarkable natural spectacle on your honeymoon is likely to be what sets apart this trip from any other that you ever take together, and definitely a story to share with the grandkids. They won’t be in the least interested, of course. 

Kenya Honeymoon Itinerary Suggestions

As with any trip to Kenya, the key to a good Kenya honeymoon is to stay off the beaten track; Kenya can be very busy in key areas. The north of the country is less busy and offers some top class safari destinations, specifically Lake Turkana, the Mathews Range, Laikipia, Lewa and areas of Samburu. A lovely honeymoon itinerary is 3 nights in the Masai Mara (Naibor), 3 nights Mathew’s Range (Sarara), 2 nights Lewa (or Borana) and then over to the coast for a 5-7 night beach romance. You’ll see a different side to Kenya that most will not, and you’ll have the privacy that you want on a honeymoon. 

The North

Borana (Lewa Downs) – far from madding crowds, this is a timeless owner-run lodge. Particularly recommended if one or both of you enjoys a bit of horseback riding

Joy’s Camp (Samburu) – set around a waterhole this offers you the chance to stay in bed and not feel guilty – the wildlife will come to you! It’s a fab luxury tented camp with experienced staff who know how to look after honeymooners.

The South

Greater Mara (outside the Mara Reserve): Alex Walkers Serian and &Beyond Bataleur Camp all have private game viewing areas and can dip into the Mara itself if they choose. Serian is particularly remote and might take many out of their comfort zone (Masai warriers keeping guard for wild animals, bucket showers etc), but absolutely worth it, in our opinion. We also have a lot of time for the bygone era romance of Cottar’s 1920’s Camp.

Mara Reserve: it gets more difficult to find areas away from the crowds but Naibor is a well-managed and presented camp, and Rekero has the romantic views overlooking the huge African landscape (don’t get married in April or May, though, as the camp is closed)

The Coast

Alfajiri Villas – although the villas sleep a minimum of four, we would still wholeheartedly recommend them for honeymooners. This is serious luxury, Far Eastern style; Alfajiri previously won the Harpers and Queen award as the private villa providing the best service worldwide.

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