Water-based safaris
Water is the ‘source of life’ and Africa is blessed with many wonderful rivers, great lakes and tranquil lagoons which support abundant wildlife, Boats, canoes, and local dug out ‘mekoros’ are the usual ways to enjoy fantastic viewing of species that live in, or rely heavily upon the water. Hippo, crocs, otters and water birds are the most obvious examples, but elephant, buffalo and certain species of antelope are also heavily associated with wetland regions.
Boat safaris and houseboats are obviously limited to destinations where there is deep, permanent water – usually major rivers or lakes. Where this is possible, we view the option to get out on the water as real bonus. A boat cruise will often be more relaxing and offer a different perspective from normal game drives. Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and southern Tanzania are the countries most associated with boat safaris, but there are limited options across the rest of Africa. Houseboats are available in a few limited places in Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia’s Caprivi Strip.

A ‘makoro’ (singular) is a local dug-out canoe propelled by a standing ‘poler’. Although used by locals in a few different wetland regions, mekoro (plural) excursions are mostly associated with Botswana’s Okavango Delta, where they are used to explore the shallow floodplains and channels of this wonderful wetland paradise. Many camps in the Okavango will offer mekoro excursions as relaxed activities where you learn about some of the smaller aspects of the delta (birds, reed frogs etc) and appreciate the tranquillity of the environment, whilst it is also possible to undertake a more in depth ‘makoro trail’ spending a few days exploring the inner reaches of the delta and searching for specific species such as sitatunga (a rare aquatic antelope) and Pels fishing owl.
Canoeing is possible on a number of Africa’s great lakes and rivers. The best canoeing safaris are found on the Zambezi River (Zambia/Zimbabwe). You do not need to be fit to undertake a canoeing safari, as you will always canoe downstream, though a little fitness for lake and sea kayaking will help you enjoy longer paddles.

Watersports, Fishing, Diving and Snorkelling
Our destinations including thousands of miles of tropical coastline, hundreds of islands surrounded by the Indian Ocean and many beautiful freshwater lakes.

Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Mauritius, Seychelles, Madagascar, Malawi and South Africa all offer fantastic diving and snorkelling opportunities. The east coast of Africa is very tidal, usually with a prominent offshore reef, which is good for diving but makes snorkelling from the shore limited in most places (snorkelling from boats can be excellent). However, wonderful ‘snorkelling from the shore’ is possible from various islands off East Africa and in the Seychelles. It is possible to take diving courses in a number of destinations, whilst particular highlights include swimming and snorkelling with dolphins (dolphins are very common along the whole African coastline), turtle viewing, good shark viewing in Mozambique, South Africa and the Seychelles, colourful cichlid fish in Lake Malawi and the possibility of seeing whale sharks, mainly in Mozambique and the Seychelles.

We do not tend to specialise in dedicated sailing holidays, though it is possible to rent sailing yachts in destinations like the Seychelles. Smaller craft such as 8 berth Catamaran are great for families or small groups and are available in a few limited places such as on Lake Malawi. If it is just a bit of fun you are after, sailing boats such as lasers and hobie-cats are available in a limited number of beach resorts.

A wide range of fishing is available throughout Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands. The Indian Ocean offers fantastic deep-sea/ game fishing and countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, South Africa, Mauritius and The Seychelles all have access to good fishing grounds. Bone fishing and shore-based fly-fishing is possible in a few destinations, but is best in Mozambique and The Seychelles, whilst freshwater fly-fishing opportunities are available in a number of places, notably South Africa (for trout mainly). One of Africa’s most charismatic fish is the Tiger fish, which are principally found in southern Africa’s great rivers and lakes, including the Zambezi River and Lake Kariba. There are many places along the Zambezi that offer ‘tiger fishing’ and fly-fishing is an increasingly popular alternative to traditional ‘bottom’ or lure fishing. One of Africa’s largest fish, the Nile Perch, can be fished on Lake Victoria, whilst general freshwater fishing is possible in many places where there is permanent deep water.

Because much of East Africa has an ‘offshore reef’, the best surfing is found around the coastline of South Africa, including the Durban, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town regions. Wind-surfing is possible at many beach destinations, whilst more specialist kite-surfing is available in fewer places, predominantly Kenya, South Africa and Mauritius. Kayaking is available at many beach resorts, but some of the best kayaking is offered on Africa’s great lakes, in particular Lake Malawi. Motorised watersports such as water-skiing, para-sailing, jet-ski’s etc tend to be more available at commercial resorts in Mauritius, in Sun City, and to a lesser degree, other coastal and lake resorts in East and Southern Africa.

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